Frequently Asked Questions

How does the subscription work?

The subscription gives you unlimited access to listen to all of the audio stories that can be found on WonderSagas on this device. The subscription, unless cancelled prior to the renewal date, renews monthly for 9.99 USD (Or same amount in local currency). Every subscription has a 2 week free trial to begin with.

Which phone operators are supported?

As of now, only Apple IOS is supported, with an Android version coming shortly.

What OS is recommended?

IOS 11 or newer is recommended and supported.

Where can I manage my subscription?

Your subscription can be managed through your Iphone’s settings under “Subscriptions” or in the Google Play store of your Android phone under “Subscriptions”.

What features does a premium subscription grant access to?

A premium subscription grants unlimited listening access to all stories on the app.

What are the terms and conditions for the app?

The terms and conditions of the app can be found here.

Will my data be shared with 3rd Parties?

No data will be shared with a 3rd party. Any data which is needed in order to operate the application is encrypted when passed between services.

What happens once my trial is completed?

Once your 2 week trial has passed you will be automatically charged for another month, unless you cancel the subscription prior to the renewal date.

I have a subscription but do not have access to all stories.

Log in, head over to “Account Details” and press “Restore Purchases”.

How can I pay?

The current possible payment methods are Apple Pay and Google Pay.

I need a refund, how do I proceed?

Please contact us.