What is WonderSagas?

WonderSagas is a platform filled with children’s audio stories. The platform was created with the intention to allow all children to get access to the magic that is read out stories. That is why WonderSagas uses real, professional human voice actors to give each and every audio stories its own unique feeling. We all have this collective memory of listening to a read aloud story when we were younger; whether it was by a parent before bedtime, or in school. Because of this, some of these stories have evolved to become popular culture. We all know some of these stories; Little Snow White, Hansel And Gretel or The Frog Prince just to name a few. WonderSagas aspires to collect these classic, generationally immoral stories in combination with some new, original WonderSagas stories.

This background led to the acquiring of a mix between the classic stories that we all know, and that have now become movies, Broadway shows or series, as well as original stories that have never been told before, and which may some day be passed along generations as well, just as the other stories have before them. There is already a large collection of written children’s stories, but very few ways of just listening to a story for children. Most ways of consumption involve a screen; such as a film or a YouTube video. Moreover, for adults there are plenty of audio book platforms and apps, as well as podcasts where one can listen to content. However, for children, the audio options are significnatly fewer audio options, and even fewer options for short stories. Short stories are those magical tales that are between 3 and 20 minutes long, but leave a lasting impression for the rest of our lives as they allow imagination to grow and other stories to develop along them.

This is what WonderSagas is; a collection of children’s audio stories that foster imagination and allow all children to experience the magic of listening to an impactful tale of an imaginary world.